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The Bradford Backstory

Two posts in one week - whew - but this one has been a long-time coming and we are so excited to share... The Bradford Wallet is now available for purchase!

To purchase:

To help you better understand how all of this came to life, we wanted to share the backstory of The Bradford Wallet:

Where the idea started:

Some might know, but most probably don't, that my family owns a handmade, leather handbag company, Kelly Tooke. The bags are traditionally named after the females in our family (feel free to go snag you a Natalie bag while you're checking it out). One evening, casually in our kitchen, Brad looked at me and said, "now that I am married into the family, when do I get a bag named after me?" I had to nicely break the news to him that yes, although he is now officially part of the Kelly crew, the bags are primarily named after the ladies in our family. He reluctantly obliged and the topic fizzled...

About two days later, the idea resurfaced and we started brainstorming as to how to get something in Kelly Tooke named after him! The more we talked, the more we realized the opportunity that was smacking us in the face - a product named after Brad to somehow support a cause fighting cancer because after this last year, we blatantly realized the importance of support, specifically supporting an organization that is committed to ridding the world of this crappy disease. As you might have guessed, this is why we collectively agreed that the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society was hands - down the best option.

Why a wallet:

For as long as I have known Brad he has carried the same wallet: a small, simple design that he can discreetly fit in his front pocket. We have actually purchased several of the same wallet over the course of our relationship. As we were thinking about what could be named after Brad, it was almost instant that we agreed it should be a similar design to a product he already loves. Additionally, we quickly realized it was a versatile product and just as cancer doesn't favor gender, neither should this product.

How did it come to life:

Not knowing much about the 'leather goods' industry, I was uncertain how much of a long - shot this idea actually was. So, I sent my uncle a text pitching our wacky idea with the mindset - the worst he could say is "no" so ultimately, what did we have to lose? Within minutes, he responded to me with a resounding "yes - let's do it" and we quickly got to work on The Bradford.

Partnering with LLS:

Once we began working on the product, associated marketing material and confirmed we would be donating all proceeds of The Bradford to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, I decided I was going to reach out to LLS to see if we could better align in getting this product into as many pockets as possible. With that said, I sent an email, again thinking "what's the worst that could happen?" I received a response from their team in less than 24 hours! They were eager to hear our story and even more intrigued in the opportunity to broadly share The Bradford.

After lots of back and forth and a speedy timeline, we will officially have The Bradford as a part of the LLS Holiday Gift Guide that will be nationally publicized!

We are extremely excited about what we have been able to develop, with the help of our family, and more importantly, to have the opportunity to make an impact, further supporting a community that will now forever be a part of our lives.

Our hope is that you, and everyone you know, have a Bradford Wallet because, obviously, the more wallets sold, the more funds we will be able to give to fight this terrible disease.

So - tell all your friends and please, please share this link!

Thank you, as always, for continuing to support and pray for our journey! We love you all!

Natalie and Brad


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