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Happy Anniversary

One month of marriage and a happy anniversary PET scan.

Today is somewhat bittersweet, more sweet than bitter because of the feedback we got from the oncologist, but kind of sad for us because, literally as we speak, we should be on a plane to Thailand for our honeymoon. Nonetheless, Thailand isn't going anywhere and this cancer is ~bye cancer~so we will on that flight soon enough!

The sweetest part of today, coupled with the fact that I have been his wife for a whole month, is that our doctor told us that Brad's tumor has shrunk. Now, it hasn't shrunk completely, but we're of the mindset that any positive news is something to celebrate. The tumor was originally 9X6cm and today it was 6X4cm. His blood counts were great too. Dr. Z feels that Brad is ready to move on to the next treatment.

We expect to be admitted this coming weekend to Moffitt to begin Arm B. This stay should be anywhere between 3-5 days.

I told you all the armpit hair was making it's move over the weekend. Well... the rest of his hair wasn't far behind. Monday morning I heard "Natalie, come look!" Hair. Everywhere.

Needless to say we were shaving his head that evening and as much as we were able to laugh together through the process, I know it was painful and traumatic for him. When he looked in the mirror it was instant shock. He stayed quiet after that for a bit.

But, if you know Brad you know he makes light of most situations and before we got in bed

he busts open the bathroom door singing "I'm a bald mannnn" to the tune of Soul Man by the Blues Brothers. If you ask me, he's the best looking bald man I have ever laid eyes on!

Prayer requests: pray for our next stay in the hospital and that it moves quickly. Pray for Brad's body. It currently feels bruised all over, just a side effect of the treatments, but being in pain is a bummer. Praise our Savior, the ultimate healer, because without Him we wouldn't be celebrating tonight.

So cheers to one month or marriage, positive news and conquering cancer!

Stay tuned and have a glass of wine for us,

Natalie and Brad Whitmer

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